3D-Printed BioSurfaces Lab

lab-0Our Location: The 3D Printed BioSurfaces (3D-PBS) Laboratory is a unique facility that results from a collaboration between faculty from the colleges of engineering and agriculture. This facility, founded in the spring of 2014, is located within the Center for Advanced Science Innovation and Commerce (CASIC Hubbard) in the Auburn Research Park at 559 Devall Drive in Auburn, Alabama. There are two main laboratories areas within CASIC: the 3D-PBS room 215 (dedicated to the design, manufacturing and assessment of surfaces) and the Green Infrastructure Lab in room 132 (a shared facility where wet experiments and photo-bioreactors are located). The 3D-PBS lab was one of the early occupants of the CASIC Hubbard building when it first opened in 2013.


Our Mission: this facility is devoted to the advancement of the scientific understanding of the mechanisms by which algae and bacteria attach to substrata. Of particular interest, is the manipulation of surface topographies to control species selectivity and biomass yields. Because of the many possibilities that additive manufacturing (a.k.a 3D Printing) allow us to afford, many of the surfaces produced in this laboratory are indeed 3D printed. But that is not the only thing we do!.


River through woodsOur People: the facility is co-directed by Dr. Andres Carrano (Industrial and Systems Engineering) and Dr. David Blersch (Biosystems Engineering). There currently are three doctoral students (Gabriel Proano, Ali Khoshkhoo, Joseph Ekong) and  one Masters student (Manjinder Kaur) who staff the lab, operate and maintain equipment, as well as conduct the experiments. In some years, we host a team of multidisciplinary senior design undergraduate students from both departments who perform a semester-long research project culminating with a exhibition at the USA Science and Engineering Expo in Washington D.C.


Our capabilities: the laboratory boasts an increasing selection of design, fabrication, assessment as well as testing. These include: white-light profilometers, 72eb3e92-018e-44bb-99fa-2687bf283357filament based 3D printers, polyjet printers, several microscopes, various solid modeling and mathematical modeling software, deep cycle freezers, autoclaves, furnaces, orbital and rocking tables, flow lane photo-bioreactors, surge wave ATS systems, moving bed biofilters, among others. Please browse our gallery below for some pictures of the lab.



Former Researchers and Current Placement

  • Ali Khoshkhoo, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor, SUNY Binghamton)
  • Kamran Kardel, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor, Georgia Southern University)
  • Joseph Ekong, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor, Ohio Northern University)
  • Manjinder Kaur (Spirulina Algae Farm Engineer, EartRise)