IMHRC 2018

International Material Handling Research Colloquium (IMHRC) 2018

Please find below the pre-publication list for the submissions to the 2018 IMHRC. As in the previous conference, the scientific committee is asking presenters to review one additional manuscript and provide feedback within two weeks. You will not be accepting or rejecting the submission (they were all accepted and invited by the scientific committee) but rather providing feedback to the authors on how to improve the manuscript. Below you will find the abbreviated instructions for this review process. The full set of instructions sent via email on May 21st, can be found here.

This peer review process is intended to be single-blind so please do not include any information that might identify you.

  1. Please use this template to fill out your review
  2. Rename the file as “Manuscript# Review” (use the number identifier below)
  3. Convert to PDF
  4. Submit via email to: no later than June 5th, 2018. 

1. A-Smith

2. Tornese

3. Sgarbossa

4. J-Smith

5. Porter

6. Pazour

7. Gnoni

8. Carlo

9. Bukchin

10. Lieberoth-Leden

11. Vergara

12. Lerher

13. Ghanbartehrani

14. Masel

15. Spee

16. Roy

17. Furmans

18. Velez

19. Kay

20. Pott

21. Jimenez

22. Nazzal

23. Gue

24. Ballot

25. Sourek

26. VanDerGaast

27. Montreuil

28. Ekren